Frequently asked questions is a comprehensive India-wide business directory platform that helps you discover and book a variety of travel and business services.

No, creating a basic account and searching for listings is generally free. Booking fees may apply depending on the service provider you choose.

Having an account allows you to save favorite listings, receive personalized recommendations, and potentially manage bookings (depending on the service).

Yes, allows you to compare prices from various providers to find the best deals.

You can find and book flights, hotels, tours & activities, car rentals, and taxis across India.

Visit the website and click on "Sign Up" (or "Register"). Choose your account type (Normal User or Partner User) and fill out the registration form.

Once you find the service you're interested in, look for the booking option provided by the listing. This may involve contacting the business directly or using a secure booking form on (if available).

In most cases, will direct you to the respective airline or hotel website to complete your booking.

Here's the general process: Create a Partner User Account: Sign up for a free Partner User account on the website. Provide Business Information: Fill out your business profile, including your business name, address, contact details, and a detailed description of your services. Add Photos and Videos: Upload high-quality images and videos (if applicable) to showcase your offerings. Set Pricing and Availability (if applicable): Indicate your pricing structures and availability calendars. Submit for Review: Once your listing is complete, submit it for review by the team.

Yes, there might be additional requirements depending on your service: Hotels: Specify room types, amenities, and occupancy rates. Tours & Activities: Provide detailed itineraries, durations, pricing, and any inclusions/exclusions. Car Rentals: List available vehicle types, rental rates, and any additional fees. Taxis: Detail your service areas, fleet information, and pricing structures. may have different listing models: * Free Basic Listing: Offer basic visibility with limited features. * Premium Listings: Paid listings may offer increased exposure, booking capabilities, and additional features.

This may vary. may: Facilitate Bookings: Offer a booking platform directly on the site for some services. Redirect to Provider: Connect you to the business's website or booking platform to finalize the reservation.

The review process for listings can vary. should provide an estimated timeframe on their website or in their Partner guidelines will likely provide a Partner dashboard where you can: Update your business information Manage bookings (if applicable) Respond to customer inquiries or reviews Access analytics and insights

It's easy! Use the Search Bar: Type in what you're looking for (e.g., "hotels in Mumbai," "Goa adventure tours," "car rentals in Bangalore") and specify your location. Browse Categories: Explore specific categories like "Hotels," "Tours & Activities," etc.

Each business listing on should include the following details: Contact Form (if available): Send a direct message to the business through a built-in form on their page. Contact Number: Call the provided phone number. Email Address: Send them an email directly.